Individual Consultations

There are many great reasons for well balanced eating such as more energy, inspiring friends and family, preventing lifestyle disease (like heart disease, diabetes, cancer), improved sleep, and not to mention feeling great!

First consultation (1 hour)

The first visit consists of a detailed nutritional and lifestyle assessment. Your dietitian will develope a personal nutrition plan based on your individual requirements. You will work together with your dietitian to identify your specific health goals and put together an action plan.
Your first visit will include:

  • Detailed medical, lifestyle and diet history
  • Body measurements (if appropriate) including: weight, body fat %, waist circumference and specific body measurements

  • Identify goals and develop an action plan
  • Learn nutrition know-how
  • If appropriate, devise a suitable personalised eating plan

Follow up visits (15 or 30 minutes)

Getting results requires dedication and commitment but you don't have to go it alone. Your registered dietitian joins you on your journey keeping you motivated and focused on your goals. This includes offering advice when facing barriers and coaching you through them. Regularly touching base and reviewing goals creates lasting habits.
In the follow-up visits we cover the following:

  • Measure progress and monitor relevant body measurements
  • Motivating feedback
  • Review goals and set easy to follow action plans
  • Ongoing education and tips
  • Dealing with barriers

Contact us to make an enquiry or book a consultation with one of our registered Dietitians.